I don’t really consider myself much of a poet, but I do enjoy a good rhyme.

Below is a small rhyme I’ve been working on for awhile now. I wouldn’t really call it finished, but then again I don’t really know if it ever will be in my eyes. Regardless, I would like to share it in its current state as I feel the overall message behind it is a good one despite any rough edges it may still have in my mind. Hopefully that message makes sense.


The television screen flashes bright,
As good men fight for basic human right,
Alongside a just and worthy King.

Perhaps some cunning, subtle foresight,
Of unity fortold by image and type,
Through boundaries broken by boundaries, hope is given wing.

A monochromatic insight,
From photographic limits that seem just right,
Realization that we are merely shades of gray,
Human all the same in each and every way.


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