On God

I’ve been wanting to express my “religious” beliefs in a very brief and succinct way for quite awhile now, and I think I finally managed to do so a little while back. This post is to ensure I have it readily available in the future and to perhaps give any who might stumble across it simply something to think about:

For me, whether God exists or not doesn’t matter. I suppose I consider myself a Humanist more than anything and I try to stick mostly to that. I won’t usually argue against the existence of some divine being but I do feel there is a lack of evidence. Regardless, I simply don’t feel that any sort of confirmed existence on their part would have any effect on how I choose to live my life.

As for my “beliefs”, I see myself as having a responsibility to be a positive influence on my personal community and the world as a whole. I feel that “immortality” is best obtained through leaving a legacy behind of compassion and support for my fellow man and this planet that we all live on. The only thing I care about is leaving the world a better place through my own personal actions than it was when I first entered into it.

If I arrive at the gates of “Heaven” and am denied entry solely on the grounds that I wouldn’t acknowledge whatever God turns out to be the real one despite the fact I put every effort into living what would be a “good life” by any sane social standards, then so be it. I will accept whatever fate is to come knowing that I lived a life that I can be proud of regardless.


10 Responses to On God

  1. Andy says:

    That last paragraph exposes your self-righteous heart. It is really the pinacle of pride. You are saying that even though God has revealed Himself, His Ways and His Will in the Holy Bible, you somehow know better. You cast God’s words behind your back and somehow think that “things will work out alright for you” even though you will will your self-guided life apart from the knowledge and counsel of God.
    By the way, NO ONE apart from Christ has “put every effort into living what would be a good life” by God’s standards which is the real issue. Why on earth do you think God should condescend Himself to allow sinful man into His presence? This is where the cross of Christ is crucial.

    • I don’t think that “things will work out alright for me”, I have nowhere near enough knowledge to make such a statement.

      The only thing I know is that I can work here and now in this life, the only one I’ll likely ever have, to make the world a better place. It’s something I know is real and something I know I can affect and leave a positive impact on that will last even beyond my death, and regardless of what may come with my passing.

      I take issue with Christianity as it is taught as, if it is true, there are a great many amazing people who did great things for the world and those living on it who are unjustly suffering because of God’s unforgiving and unjust will. I fully realize that the same fate is likely ahead for me if such teachings are true as well and I will accept that as my fate. I refuse to worship a God who is so petty.

    • itzexodus says:

      Andy, people like you are the reason why there is little progress in this world. You blindly follow a way of life without questioning. The Holy Bible? Please, have you ever stopped to think that it might be false or fabricated even one bit? Things get lost in translation over the course of several decades, why not several millennia?

      As for the original poster, I agree with what you have to say about belief. I’m not the most religious person either, but I do want to be a good person. If I somehow go to hell for my life – an eternal punishment for 70 or 80 years of my life that I have lived, then so be it.

  2. Andy says:

    And they say Christians are judgmental, ha!ha! Just look at you!!! I could explain to know the history of the Bible and how it was put together and how it is the most reliable documents in the world, but what would be the point. You choose not to believe, despite what is told you, because it is your sins and your love of them that keeps you in the dark. It is not a matter of the mind, but of the heart. You talk so loosely about spending eternity in hell, showing just how foolish you are.
    “19This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed. 21But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God.” (Jesus in John chapter 3)

    • Andy says:

      By the way,
      Let me remind you of something you yourself said, young man,
      “After all, what do I know? I’m just an 18 year old boy in a recessionary state of mind.” I agree wholeheartedly!!!

      • itzexodus says:

        I talk about hell so loosely because I believe that it doesn’t exist.

        Just the fact that you went through my myriad of posts and read and remembered that comment is slightly creepy. No, it’s not even slightly, it’s VERY.

  3. andydbrown says:

    Don’t flatter yourself, moron!
    It’s not hard to find comments from someone like you (quickly scanning, idiot) that shows what an imbecile they are. For you, it was too easy.
    You really should get over yourself.

    • itzexodus says:

      Really now. Hm. So you scanned a month and a half’s worth of blog posts and pulled out in sentence that can justify me as an “imbecile”. Great. For a “man of God”, you don’t seem to be very God-like. You’re just one of those guys who gets heated when people like me take shots at their faith. Meh, whatever.

      So I’m an imbecile and you’re this “Internet” missionary who goes on blogs he doesn’t agree with just to start a ruckus. You go around telling good people they’re going to he’ll because they don’t believe. Actually, I’d like to bring up a point here. Why do most people believe in God you think? I guarantee you that if most people are being honest with you, they will say it’s out of fear of going to hell and burning for all eternity, not because they truly love God. I know it, you know it.Well, let’s say that hell does exist. Then at the end of the road, the majority of the planet is royally fucked. In that case I sure hope the idea of your God is not true. He/she/whateverthefuckitis seems more evil and manipulative than a majority of the human beings I deal with on a daily basis.

      Whatever though, I love pissing old guys like you off. Too blind to see, too dumb to understand, too scared to change. Just another person who claims to know it all through an outdated text that should hold no relevance in our modern world. You’re too trapped up in your solipcistic, geocentric bullshit to know that. If we are going to progress as a society, religion must be destroyed. All it does is cause division and make others point fingers at others. Like I said twice before, it’s whatever. I really didn’t feel like feeding you, but sometimes people want beef. Your words are hollow to me because they lack any real source. Quoting Bible verses will only get you so far.

      So I’m done with this shit. I can’t believe I even wasted my time on this. In the end, religion really isn’t that serious and I really, really don’t care about it.

      • Andy says:

        telling “good people” they’re going to hell. Again, “good” in whose eyes?! You could be a little more than biased in thinking that you are a “good” guy.

        “The majority of the planet is royally ….”-Yep! Jesus said Himself, “Wide is the path that leads to destruction and many are on it.”

        Ha!ha! Again you have this idea of some guy “being pissed off”. I’ve answered a few things so you won’t be proud in your own eyes, but we know you are proud and will always be proud.
        If it’s not important to you, why do you write a post “on God” and start it with “I’ve been waiting to talk about my religious beliefs…”?!?! People like you, with NO standards, contradict yourselves time and time again. It’s hilarious to watch really. Thanks for the entertainment.

  4. Andy,

    You should note that this isn’t itzexodus’ blog. He didn’t write this blog nor any of the content within it, I did, and I believe I’ve been quite respectful in how I’ve responded to you thus far.

    And I don’t take issue with your personal faith in God; as I’ve said before I believe that religion can be a good thing for some. My problem is with a very specific part of that faith, which lies in what happens to non-believers who have lived good lives. And by that I mean lives that, were these non-believers to take up Christianity, would very likely get them labeled by their fellow Christians as “good Christians” based solely on their lives separate from their faith. Good deeds are equally good whether done in the name of a of faith or not.

    And yes, I do consider myself one such good person, however, you should note that I make no presumptions that God will make an exception for me as a result. I fully realize that an eternity of pain and suffering likely awaits me, and no, this isn’t a decision that I made or take lightly. It is something I have considered for years now and is ultimately the only course I can approve of myself taking. I’d rather suffer for an eternity than bow down to a God who is so unnecessarily cruel, unforgiving, and unjust.

    And yes, I most certainly am proud, but I don’t think unnecessarily so. I do feel that I know better than God in this regard, as I fail to see how faith should factor into one’s judgment if they are still living a good life outside of it. It reeks of injustice and seems purely a grasp at control and manipulation through fear, which are both things I am definitely against and certainly if those are actions I can expect from the Christian God then he is a God I want no part in supporting.

    Lastly, you seem to take issue with us talking so loosely about going to Hell ourselves, yet I think that a much greater issue should be taken with one such as yourself who would talk so loosely and care so little about sending vast amounts of genuinely good, generous, and compassionate people to suffer for an eternity based simply on the fact that they chose to worship the wrong faith.

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